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“The Colston statue has been debated about for decades, with no positive resolution. Now the Peoples Platform makes it possible for Bristolians to share ideas and visualise something new.”

Lawrence Hoo and Charles Golding, Directors of CARGO Movement

“We could not let the opportunity pass for our children to be given the time to reflect on the events of this summer and to subsequently be given a chance for their ideas and thoughts to be put forward. Thank you for inviting them to do this.”

Ashton Park School

“To partake in art in public spaces... it's something you're often told not to do... the ownership of [the plinth] has completely shifted.”

Jazz Thompson, Bristolian, artist and PP contributor

“It's amazing to have my idea visualised in the real world.”

Aleks Vladimirov, Bristolian, researcher and PP contributor

“Most statues in the city are of rich white men, so it will be nice to see something different.”

Saffa Freebrey, Bristolian, mother and PP contributor

“This project is so immensely impactful not just for the people of Bristol but globally. The people's platform sets a precedence for public displays and who should have the right to decide what we are exposed to in our cities. It's time to review our landscape and make bold decisons. I hope the project grows to be a permanent feature.”

Lilly Pawley