An interactive public art experience centred on Colston’s empty plinth.

On 7 June 2020 the statue of Edward Colston was pulled down by Bristolians and thrown into the harbour during a peaceful protest in support of Black Lives Matter. This gesture made headlines around the world.

On 15 July Marc Quinn’s temporary statue of BLM activist Jen Reid entitled “Surge of Power” appeared on the plinth, enlivening the conversation around what should replace that memorial to Edward Colston and who or what do today’s Bristolians want to celebrate in the centre of their city?

The Peoples Platform will showcase on that empty plinth the personal visions of today’s diverse Bristolians.

How will it work?

Contributors of all ages and all walks of life including school children and established artists will submit designs through this website in any format.

A diverse intergenerational panel of community members from all of Bristol’s postcodes will select from the submissions a large, varied selection of designs which will be brought to life in the digital realm and occupy the plinth in the city centre on rotation. Each virtual sculpture will be accompanied by information about the artist and the inspiration behind the design.

Anyone online anywhere in the world, or standing with a smart phone near the plinth will witness this unique series of visual statements about what today’s Bristolians truly value.

Poet Lawrence Hoo has now launched People's Platform which he says will allow those who have "not been heard" to put forward their suggestions.

When will the designs be selected for display?

First designs will be selected for display October 2020.


Draw your designs on paper.
Take a photo or scan it.
Send it to us using form below.
If selected we make your model in 3D.